Davenport FBC Nursery Rules

1. All volunteers or adults in nursery must have background check prior to volunteering. Message Elizabeth Gough or Linda Kalka if you need a form.

2. Nursery is for ages 3 and under. Children ages 4 and older should not be left unattended in the nursery without their guardian or parent.

3. Snacks are provided, verify allergy information prior to distributing snacks to nursery.

4. A lesson is provided for those who would like to verse the children in the Bible story for the day. Not required but, recommended.

5. Two volunteers in the nursery are required at all times.

6. Volunteers should arrive by 9:45 and clean up nursery after final service has completed (around noon).

I’ll post the schedule here, in the nursery and on our website Friday once every quarter. If you are scheduled to work and can’t make it please give me 24 hours notice so I have a chance to rearrange if possible.

I need your help. I love the nursery and watching our babies but, watching the nursery every week is not an easy task for anyone. Nursery is a needed part of the services Davenport FBC offers and your willingness to assist can not be understated. Thank you all and I’m excited to get the nursery up and going again. ❤️

February – April 2022 Nursery Schedule